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Vastudev, the science of architecture. As the name suggests, we are a zealous group of people who are keen to provide our services in all aspects of architecture.  Vastudev was established in 2000 to help clients in the area of new buildings, environment, cultural preservation, and enhancing aesthetics through modernization in architecture. Our home is the only place where we can be ourselves and the peace, tranquility, warmth, and comfort of our homes is all that we seek at the end of the day. We at Vastudev realize the special place that these safe havens hold in the hearts of all people. Hence, we work tirelessly to create a modern aesthetic that is contextual, user-friendly and sustainable. We are stout believers in the golden values of ancient traditional knowledge. We specialize in the innovative use of traditional knowledge and resources in addressing present-day challenges like human comfort, climate change, structural safety, and energy efficiency.

Our Services

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Vastudev deals with all your requirements like interior decoration, architectural designing, structural analysis, conservation, condition assessment and repair, landscape, and residential property services by incorporating the latest modern technologies to provide unprecedented results. We work on all scales across all sectors and provide cost-efficient solutions to our clients. At Vastudev, we believe in not only building and conserving architecture but also in building a relationship with our clients. You name the service, and we will provide it. The motto that we believe in is to provide services to the best of our ability and to present our clients with satisfaction and happiness.